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Linear Algebra Sequence

The other one belongs to a sequence in linear algebra. The first linear algebra text I give to my students is about step-by-step rowreduction and the solution of linear systems by this method; the second one introduces determinants and computes these using the same step-by-step rowreduction. This material is classical and not very visual. The third one, BasicLinAlg3 is more visual. It shows images of the unit square. It gets even more interesting in 3D in BasicLinAlg4.

In a teaching sequence the LinAlg3 notebook should come before Drawings and Directions.

I would like to add that I am not really a fan of linear algebra. The emphasis on linear algebra dates from the time that computational capacity was limited and that one could not hope to do much better than linear approximations.

Times have changed now. In the other notebooks I have shown that accepting higher orders as well gives much better results in approximations. But since all curricula still include linear algebra we should at least explain its basic principles to the students.

Some additional more advanced material on 2x2 matrices is in notebooks called: