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A platform, in the traditional sense, depicts a common area on which people gather or converge to discuss and/or interact in the context of a belief, or a business interest. In e-Buinsess, an ePlatform then is a virtual ground in cyber space at where netizens gather to conduct business processes. Yet, an electronic platform has been widely used in different context and of various purposes. YouTube.com is a platform for webizens to 'share' video and the like. Facebook.com is a platform for social networking!! Similarities and differences of the use of the term 'platform' will be discussed.

In here, we define an ePlatform is a Web-based virual environment that facilitates participants to conduct business processes. The 'Any2Any' labeling is to emphasize a focus on the facilitation that communicative channels among participants are independent of the type of business processes (logistics, educational, investment-based, etc.) and place, time, and technology. Our initial studies further narrow to two major tracks - e-Business and e-Learning. E-Business coverage is vast and in here, we are currently looking into nature of RFID-driven, investment-based, and visibible-the-invisible; and e-Learning is of AOLA-based for mathematics education - typically related to non-text interactivity. The challenges in each case are plenty. Read more >>

Platform Architecture  

EPlatform is an electronic environment where participants can sign-on from anywhere anytime any machine platform (such as MacOS, Windows, or Linux). The architecture that supports such an environment must be responsive, admissive, and channelizable to any2any connected technologies. The design of such architecture assumed the underlying environment is the World Wide Web.

Any2Any Technologies   

Enabling technologies for any2any collaborations are designed and developed leveraging current and emerging Internet technologies. Transparent to participants include accessibility to multiple information sources, rights and privacy are enforced accordingly based on preferences, and interoperability glues for differing data formats. In here, we explore existing technologies that can be exploited to facilitate our any2any needs.

Any2Any Applications  

Applications that can be labeled as any2any are lacking. More so is the lacking of the discussion on the infrastructure that enables such any2any exchanges online. Applications of any2any nature can be discussed and will be explored.


Technology seminars offered: "RFID Technology - Introduction" will be available by request. Send an email to info@any2any.net with the subject line "seminar request".
Logistics IndustryePlatform of the Logistics Industry

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