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Integrative ePlatform What are the core functions in ePlatform? Fabrics? For clothings? No, of its concept. Talk any time to anyone It is not the same as PayPlugView Data Standards again?
The word e-Platform has been used in many different context to convey different achievements yet with all agreeing on the same basic attribute of a platform - for any participant to get on. The context differs in the domain the e-Platform serves. For the integrative e-Platform, the discussion focuses on the core nature of the e-Platform, rather like just the any-2-any nature (any2any eplatform) where the relative relationship with each other is defined. We begin with the core functions that make an e-Platform unique and those associated functions that are integrative in nature. What these core functions 'operate' on are fabrics of the trade - whatever the participants are collaboratively working on online. Channels must be open for on demand communication. Obviousely, putting two fabrics from different trades together is a challenge. Lastly, the e-Platform does not define who you are and how you should connect - such information and status will be achieved by plug, sync and then ready for play, i.e., transactionally or operationally. Data standards refer to e-Platform data, not the generic data.