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Sticky Information Space What are information agents? What are Coding Standards? What are Information Standards vs Coding Standards? Design of ePlatform Infrastructure? What are the viable Information Infrastructures?
Information spaces are overwhelming many. We do not want to address if there are too many now. Each information space has its value. We like to address the basic question how to gain more than 1 + 1 = 2 from the two information spaces for example. To come to that point, we must understand the implication of '+'. Putting two information spaces together does not necessary mean that the information in the spaces can 'match'. It would be nice if my entry to the mortgage deductible amount on a USA tax form matches the total sum of the twelve payments I made via Bank ABC to that amount the same of the mortgage lending Bank XYZ - such that, the USA Internal Revenue Service can effectively check off that entry as 100% correct and vested. To link up these tranactions is obvious but not simple since we are talking about at least three information spaces. 'Sticky' is the implied ease of such linking. EPC-RFID has such effect based on the assumption that Internet of Things is in place. In here, we look at a number of issues that have implications on the underlying structure of information spaces in general.